Fixture Calibration View

Layout Fix Cal 231  Fixture Calibration View 

The Fixture Calibration View is where you calibrate the position of fixtures to ensure fixture tracking is precise and accurate. In the Fixtures section:

  • BTBeacons are assigned to fixtures.
  • Fixtures can be set into groups for convenient selection.
  • Calibration data collected are saved as presets which can be recalled in the Edit Chapters widget and displayed in the Running Chapters widget.
  • A maximum of 24 presets are available for the calibration of fixtures in multiple positions.

To have a fixture follow an assigned Trackable, BlackTrax first determines the position of the Trackable. This is done using the BTSensors and the BTBeacon assigned to the Trackable. BlackTrax references where a fixture is based on information collected from the BTWYSIWYG .btx file. Based on the Trackable and fixture positions, the BTSystem calculates the pan and tilt angles a fixture need to be at for it to be aiming at a Trackable. This information is then sent to the fixture where it changes its pan and tilt settings accordingly to aim at the Trackable.

Note: If there are inconsistencies between the location of fixtures in the Space, and the virtual Space in BTWYSIWYG, tracking information BlackTrax creates for the fixture will be inaccurate.

Fixture calibration allows you to correct these inconsistencies and ensures the location of fixtures is accurate. It is recommended that all fixtures be calibrated when they are first installed in the Space, and individually anytime a fixture is moved or bumped.


  1. Discard Changes and Apply Changes are disabled during Calibration Mode.
  2. Settings made in the Fixture Calibration page will not be applied until BlackTrax is set to Following and Calibration Mode.

Assigning beacons to fixtures for calibration

  1. From the View menu, choose Calibration Views and then choose Fixture View.
    • Result: BlackTrax GUI opens the calibration mode widgets.
  2. From the Preset: drop-down list, select the preset number.
    • Note: The preset numbers displayed will not change.
    • Tip: You may click Rename to type a new name for the selected preset.
  3. Highlight a fixture (or fixtures) in the center pane of the BTGUI. 
  4. Right-click Not Assigned under the Assigned Beacon heading. Alternately, select the Assign Beacon Button beside Group.
  5. Select a beacon.
  6. Repeat steps 1-4 for all beacons you want to use for fixture calibration.
  7. Fixtures will cycle through following the assigned beacon(s) as points are collected.