Error Codes for Unsupported Fixtures

When you add new fixtures in BTWYSIWYG, fixture configuration updates are applied to BlackTrax when you Apply BTWYG Updates and Apply Changes

The Messages dialog box will confirm the project update with the new BTWYG data that has been added to BlackTrax.

The Messages dialog box will confirm that it has received unsupported fixture configuration displaying the fixture model profile and the error codes. The descriptions of the error codes are listed below. If you receive an unsupported fixture error code, please report it to BlackTrax support, with the model, and any error codes received.

To apply fixture configuration updates from BTWYSIWYG to BlackTrax

  1. In BTWYSIWYG CAD mode, from the BLACKTRAX menu, choose BTX Apply.
    • Results:
      1. The configuration of the fixture(s) that was added in BTWYSIWYG is applied to BlackTrax.
      2. In BlackTrax, the Incoming BTX Update icon in the Status Bar turns to blue.
  2. In the Status Bar of BlackTrax, click on the Incoming BTX Update icon and Apply Changes.
    • Note: You can also apply this via the keyboard shortcut CTRL+W or from the File menu.
    • Result: The configuration of the new fixture(s) is applied to BlackTrax and the Messages dialog box appears confirming the update. If applicable, the Messages dialog box will display the fixture model and error codes for unsupported fixtures.


Error Codes for Unsupported Fixtures:

NPSNo Pan Stepping
NTSNo Tilt Stepping
PTOIPan Tilt Offset Incorrect
ZOIZoom Offset Incorrect
NZSNo Zoom Stepping
IROIIris Offset Incorrect
NIRSNo Iris Stepping
INOIIntensity Offset Incorrect
NINSNo Intensity Stepping
NRCSNo Red Channel Stepping
NGCSNo Green Channel Stepping
NBCSNo Blue Channel Stepping
RGBOIRGB Offset Incorrect
CWOIColor Wheel Offset Incorrect
NCWOINon Color Wheel Offset Incorrect
GWOIGobo Wheel Offset Incorrect
AWOIAnimation Wheel Offset Incorrect
PWOIPrism Wheel Offset Incorrect
PTCVIPan and Tilt Channel Values Incorrect
ZCVIZoom Channel Value Incorrect
IRCVIIris Channel Value Incorrect
INCVIIntensity Channel Value Incorrect
RGBCVIRGB Channel Values Incorrect
CWCVIColor Wheel Channel Value Incorrect
NCWCVINon Color Wheel Channel Value Incorrect