Compatible DMX/Ethernet nodes

To connect BlackTrax downstream to a lighting console, a DMX to Ethernet/Ethernet to DMX node is required. The following nodes have been tested and are approved to work with BlackTrax:



  • Luminex Ethernet-DMX2/Truss MkII
  • Luminex Ethernet-DMX4 MkII
  • Luminex Ethernet-DMX4/ Truss MkII
  • Luminex Ethernet-DMX8 MkII
  • Luminex Ethernet-DMX8/ Truss MkII




  • Sundrax ArtGate Pro 
  • Sundrax ArtGate DIN
  • Sundrax ArtGate Board
  • Sundrax ArtGate Compact
  • Sundrax ArtGate Solid
  • Sundrax ArtGate Arma
  • Sundrax ArtJet Pro