Checking the Connectivity of BTSensors

BTSensors must be connected to the BTSystem for tracking to occur. The connection status of BTSensors can be determined in the Devices window in Motive.

To determine if BTSensors are connected

  1. In Motive, click the drop-down box at the right-hand side of the main toolbar and click Running from the drop-down menu of layout presets.

MotiveRunning Presetdropdown  

  • Result:
    • Motive opens the preset windows in the Running layout.
    • In the Devices window, all connected BTSensors will be displayed under the Cameras group.

DevicesPane2 2 Devices pane in Motive 2.2

DevicesGroup CameraSettings Devices pane in Motive 2.0                                                                                                     

  • Note: If a BTSensor is not visible in the Devices window, check the physical connections to see if any BTSensors are disconnected.
  • Tip: To help identify BTSensors, click the Aim Assist button on a BTSensor to cause the corresponding BTSensor flash yellow in the Camera Preview window and appear selected in the Devices window.