Before Using BlackTrax

AttentionBefore running the BlackTrax GUI, you must complete the following mandatory steps to ensure a successful BlackTrax experience:

  • Set up the BTSystem in the Space: The BTSystem needs to be physically installed in the Space. See BTSystem Hardware Configuration for more information.
  • Create a file in BTWYSIWYG: A .wyg file provides BlackTrax with information on Trackables, Fixtures and Space dimensions. From a .wyg file, you can either generate a .btx file or send the necessary information directly between programs. See Creating a .btx file in BTWYSIWYG for more information.
  • Configure and Calibrate BTSensors using Motive: Use Motive to configure BTSensors to inform the BTSystem on how to track and share positional information with other components. See Calibrating a BTSensor for more information.