BTCamera Presets

BTSensor introduction

BTSensors are required to be configured in certain ways to complete specific tasks: tracking objects, referencing the BTSensor’s real-time location or aiming BTSensors. These settings can be entered in manually, or automatically configured in Motive by selecting a preset from the Preset drop-down menu on the Devices window. The following tables explain what BTSensor settings are changed when you select a preset.


SLIM 13E presets

Slim 13E Presets Motive2.2  


S250e SLIM presets

S250e Presets Motive2.2  


Prime 41 presets

Prime 41 Presets Motive2.2  

Note: Prime 41 BTSensor does not have a Filter Switch.


To select a preset setting for a BTSensor

  1. In Motive, go to the Devices window. To open the window, go to the View menu and select Devices Pane.
  2. On the Devices window, select a single BTSensor, or select all BTSensors in the group by clicking the group name.
  3. At the top of the Devices window, click the Preset drop-down menu and select the desired preset.
    • Result: The selected BTSensors will have their settings changed to that of the selected preset.

Note: BTSensors have been custom designed for BlackTrax, which removes the illumination ring.